I have setup an office 2003 application into zenworks 7.

This application is build with

O2K3.MST (Transform File)
MainSP2FF.MSP (Administrative SP2)
and 8 others MSP (From Outlook to Excel)
Those files are accessible on the network and the user have read access to

I have do alot of work on this because i receive a 1635 error.
I log the MSI installation and saw 9 MSI*.LOG file appearing while Office is
All of those LOG file contain lines like that:

MSI (s) (90:1C) [14:17:08:531]: File will have security applied from OpCode.
MSI (s) (90:1C) [14:17:08:531]: Note: 1: 1305 2:
\\Nvlped01\vzen\Applications\Microsoft Office
2003\Office2003-KB914454-FullFile-FRA\OUTLFLTR.msp 3: 5
MSI (s) (90:1C) [14:17:08:531]: Unable to create a temp copy of patch
'\\Nvlped01\vzen\Applications\Microsoft Office
Lecture impossible sur le priphrique spcifi.

I found that every time i reboot => login => install, the installation
failed error code 1635.
If i reboot => login => logout => login => install, the installation is OK!

If i reboot => login => logout => login => reboot => login => install, the
installation failed!

Netware 6.5 SP3
Novell Client Post-4.91 SP2 Patch Kit "B"
Zenworks Desktop 7

The questions!

What is the difference when i logout/login?
Any idea how to fix it?

Stphane Lamarche
Technicien en informatique, classe principale
Commission scolaire de Rouyn-Noranda
(819) 762-8161 #246