Because we are going to replace all our Workstations, about 100, I try to
create for every Software we are using an automatically installation via

90% of our Software is installed by msi, so I have created for all of those
a transform file. But when I try to deploy them via ZEN, I mostly get the
same error. For example an Adobe Acrobat Reader installation is working
perfectly. But when I try to install a SUN Java Runtime, I always get the
error 1603, which means "Fatal error".

When I turn the "User Interface Level" to "Full", I get the message that I
need Administrator Rights to install this software. I have also tried to
run the setup as a secure system user and I have also tried to associate
the package to a workstation. Nothing is working.

So what do I wrong? As I understand ZENWorks, the Workstations don't need
to have Administrator rights, right? So please help me!