Please help we are having big issues with add-on images and deployment to a
machine when imaging. We are having a totally inconsistent results where
sometime it will deploy the add-on and some times it will not. Any given
app may install one-tiome but fails to install the next. We are at a
total loss we have had a consultant in to design this and it all seemed to
work fine for a while untill we started getting it out there.
Steps we have taken
From the app object we have cleared any options for run eg force, but left
the worstation container association in there with blank fields.
We have put force and force cache in the imaging section of the app object.
and the apps are being delivered in the cache
We have checked the "wait on force run" and "disconectable" options in the
app object (this actually let us get more addons installed but still
missing 1 or 2 instead of 5
I have run a database report on the most troublesome app (Office 2003) and
although there are no run options in the associations field machines are
still checking to see whether they should run it and failing

Where can we go next, ther is not much doco on add-ons