We have a chained application that runs two MSI Files.

The first MSI is the Install shield Script engine (it's a tiny MSI File)

The "parent" application is WordPerfect 11 MSI file.

When I force cache the WP11 application (which is about 213 MB), it
actually caches it twice.

The first "caching" says that it's caching the ISSCript (and it's 213
MB) and the second "caching" is the actual WP11 MSI which it also caches
213 MB. (and yes, it's caching that amount because it takes about 2
minutes for each "cache").

Only the "parent" application is set for force cache.

Am I doing something wrong? The ISSCRIPT.MSI is located in the same
directory as the WP11.MSI is.