I've created an application associated to a workstation(s), and that app
works fine when pushed to a Windows 2000 PC, but not with a Windows XP PC.
I can run the app manually on the XP PC logged in as a local Admin, but
the users that I will eventually be pushing to are not local Admins, so I
need to push this app to the workstation not the user. I've tried turning
off the Windows XP Firewall altogether, and that didn't make any
difference. The app is the McAfee ePO Agent software (v3.5). This
executable can be installed using the user's credentials (which I don't
think applies in this case since no one is logged in), or you can provide
the needed credentials. I've done both and neither one make a difference.
I've looked at the debug log (nalapp.csv) for these PCs and that
particular log isn't helpful. Can you get me started troubleshooting this one?