I look after a lot of desktops, and am in the process of distributing
desktop updates via Zenworks.

As I do not want to hassle the users, I would like to do this after
working hours.

I do the following:

1. I use wake-up-on-lan to wake up the pc's at a certain time. (this works
by the way)
2. In my application I associate the application with the workstations,
and use the pre-install schedule to load the applications when the
workstation start up. This is where the problem comes in, when I do this
and someone starts up their PC, the applications starts to run, it does
not seem to wait for the pre-install schedule.

What I have also tried it to use the pre-install schedule together with
the availability schedule, but for some reason then nothings happens until
I switch of the availability schedule.

Can anybody help?