We recently created a new Zenworks 7 server and took our old Zen 6.5
server offline. All packages and policies have been moved to the new
server and are working. I have setup an new application package in Zen 7
to distribute the netinstall.bat for Zenworks Patch Management to my
users. The software is in a folder which all users have Read and File
Scan access to, and they have been able see and install the server
manually for test purposes. The package is associated with workstation
objects which were imported both by the new Zen server and the old Zen
server. I have checked the "Force run as users if application is
workstation associated" box, and Executable Security Level is Unsecured
System User. I have set no distribution rules.

When my users log in, then receive the following message:

Could no launch Package Name.Package Location.Tree (using \\server\vol1
\path\netinstall.bat)(id=5) Access is denied.

Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem, and what I
can do to get the package to distribute? Thank you very much in advance!