I hope someonce can help me with an issue I am having. I am using
Zen 7 and the desktop machines are all Windows XP SP2 so the problem I am
having is GPO's, DLU's etc will not apply unless the Zen agent is fully
installed fair enough. Now my probelm is that when I install any of my NAL
apps the GPO's DLU's etc for any new user do not apply as in Zfd Agent is
now corrput I know this because when I go uninstall the Zfd agent halfway
through the process it says "ZENW32.DLL is missing the entry point:
LoadLibary Failed Error Code 2 If client32 is not installed remove
zennw32.dll. I have setup up a MSI NAL with the transform and tried the
differnt options under the verify. Client is 4.90SP2e.