we have ZFS 7 and ZFD 7/6.5.
Most Servers are ZFD 6.5 and all clients have CL 4.91sp1 on Windows
XPSp2 and the ZFD 6.5 Agent we don`t have any problems by distribution
any applications accept with the "Site List".
We distributed all applications via ZFS to our "outside" offices without
major trouble. Therefor all apps have the same GUID in every office and
have the site list "on board". All offices in the same tree with there
own OU and one of the servers in the se offices keep the Master replica
of this OU.
I ceated now a test application which will copy some files from the
server to the Workstation and open a notepad with a test message which i
manipulated that it will show from which server the app comes.
By starting the app the app will allways strangly be cached. I didn`t
say that but due to the fact that i can press "do it later" the WS
recognise that the app comes via a WAN link. if I use these "alternative
object link" think then it will work.

have some one an idea