I needed some environment variables set for a Oracle 10g instant
client rollout; TNS_ADMIN set and the Oracle client folder added to
the PATH.

The object is a simple app that does a pre-launch script copy of the
client code to the ws and then runs the odbc_install.exe from the
local folder.

All this works fine except the environment variable doesn't get set
and the path isn't extended. I worked around this be using the
registry to distribute the TNS_ADMIN env variable and the free
editpath.exe program to extend the path.

Even so, I'd like to know why ZfD didn't set these environment

As an experiment, I created a simple app object that just set an
environment variable A to a value of aaaaa and ran notepad. It ran
notepad fine, but no environment variable appeared.

Do ZEN app environment variables work for anyone?