We have an 11 location environment where some of the staff travel between
buildings. Each building has its own file/print server that also provides
ZEN7 services including application distribution. We use contextless login
so when a traveling use logs into a building that isnt their "home"
container it will map to the remote server. How can we make a drive
mapping so that a traveling user will always have a drive mapped to the
local server they are logging into. Gosh I hope that makes sense. For

TravelingUser is from SchoolA but is logging into SchoolB. The way our
tree is setup TravelingUser's account is in the SchoolA container. When
they login to SchoolB it will process SchoolA's login script. I have
applications I need to distribute at SchoolB but I dont want to pull them
over the WAN because of TravelingUser's drive mappings over to SchoolA.
How do I map a local drive to SchoolB no matter who logins from what container?