I'm just curious why the Zen 7 documentation says we should give the trustee
[public] - read rights to zendbUser & zendbPassw vs the WriteOnly versions
of the same. I followed the instructions in the documentation and it works
as advertised. I then turned on debugging via naldiag and then I noticed
UID=MW_DBA and the password for the same in the nal debug csv file. Anyone
that logs into the workstation can read that file. I believe normal best
practices says one does not hand out the account/password for a database dba

It also means anyone can read the database - we don't want just anyone
reading the data.

Does anyone know if it will work if rights are assigned to the WriteOnly
account & password? I tried changing the rights to test this but my test
workstation seems to have cached up the DBA account/password - even across
workstation reboots.