I'm trying to install Groupwise 7 SP1 client with an MST file made with
Tuner(GWtuner.exe) via a NAL-object. We use ZfD 7 and WinXP as client OS.
I want to install GW to C:\Program Files\Novell\GroupWise. According to
the GW documentation you can't use a Tuner file to install the GW client
to a protected area (such as C:\Program Files) as a non-Administrator

But using NAL would install the MSI file with system rights? Or have I got
it wrong?

I get no error messages during the install as user but the Groupwise files
ends up in the root directory (C:). Doing the install as an administrator
everything works fine.

Have I done anything wrong in my application object or is it the MSI file?

Thanks for any input