Hello ALL,

I have done a successful upgrade of Zenworks Desktops v4.01 IR6 - Zen v7
SP1. Everything seems to be running okay. The XP SP2 Clients are
running ZFDAgent v4.01 IR6. The applications are all running fine. I
installed the ZFDAgent v7SP1 to XPSP2 and the nal screen came up with no
icons. Also when you click on the File, Edit, View or Help menus with
the NAL screen no options come up either, which I though was strange. At
the very least I would have expected to see Help - About.

I have had a look around this forum and noticed advice pointing towards
the Distribution Rules. I had no information there, but I do now. I
have freshly created an application icon using the latest v7SP1 snapins
for console one and still no luck even with the distribution rules in

Is there some other configuration somewere that needs to be done to the
NAL Screen as I do not get the Menu lists with the NalScreen.

I am running NW6.5 SP4a.

Thank you for any help you can offer.