As the topic says, it's driving me nuts.

We have some software that has a msp supplied by the vendor. We add it to
the application and if it's still running it forces a reboot.. completely
ignores any reboot=reallysupress etc.

So I want to have a pop up box that warns users when an update is going to
roll out. I have tried using prompt before distribution (which pops up on
every log on when used), a vb script that was in the run section which
also popped up on every log on, i have also tried in the distribution
scripts. Obviously if it's distributing in the workstation secure space,
i won't get it from there.

Anyway, all i want is something to warn a user if there is a change to any
of the workstation assigned applications (which are in the system secure
space) or even something that will check if a process is running before
trying to run.

Please help if you can.. any advice gratefully accepted.