I need pre-sale technical support. Here is the simplified picture of the
- Only one physical (IP) network.
- One Novell Netware Server 6.5 with eDirectory
- One Microsoft Windows 2k3r2 Server with AD (it's a domain controller)
- One back end server with eDirectory, Desktop management services, Middle
tier server, agent distributor, identity manager 3.0.1
- One windows workstation in a workgroup, not in the windows domain, with
the netware client with ZFDagent and the right middle tier server address

The setup:
Every users from the AD and eDirectory are replicated (bidirectionnal)
with Identity Manager (it works great).

What I want:
I want the user who is logged in eDirectory on the windows workstation,
witch is not in the domain, to access the Microsoft Windows shares. Those
shares have the security from the domain and could be accessed by the UNC
path (//WINDOWSMACHINENAME/SHARE). So the user has not explicitely been
authenticated in the domain (partly because the workstation is not in the

Does the Novell Middle Tier Server can make this setup working ?
Is it possible to access a domain share without explicitely logging in the
domain ?