Hello all,

I think I am just missing something because I can not get this to work.

Most of my users now have "user" privs in windows XP. There are a few applications that need to run with elevated user privs (power user or administrator). Because there is an interface that is presented we chose unsecure system user to allow an application to run. In this particular case, we are running a cool tool called USBletter to assign a letter to a USB device/drive.

If I use Unsecure System user, even I, who have administrative Privs, can not run this application. I change it to Normal, the application runs fine. Again, I have Admin privs. I tried to run this application as a "user". It does not run as Unsecure system user.

I am on ZEN 7 sp1 and whatever the client is that came with sp1.

Is this what unsecure system user is for? Is there a better way to run this sort of app?