I'm currently managing a transition from what was a reasonably unmanaged
implementation of ZENworks 3.2 to ZENworks 7. One of my goals with 7 is
to tighten up the access to and distribution of application objects as
well better management of updates. I'm looking for some feedback on the
"uninstall" option. Is it reliable? How are common files handled? For
example, if an application object distributes a new DLL that already
exists on a workstation how is the "uninstall" handled? I understand
that the files distributed are simply removed? What if there were other
dependencies on the common DLL that was removed? Is this simply handled
on a case-by-case basis in a test environment? I've seen some people who
claim to use the uninstall as-is and others that capture the manual
uninstall as an app object then distribute it...

Just looking to see if anyone has any pointers or wants to give me a
heads up on anything before I dig into it.