I have several workstations that when NAL refreshes either manually or
timed, Windows reports a crash with AppName:nalagent.exe,

If you cancel the error and click the ZFD icon in the tray, it
refreshes and is fine until another refresh.

This is happening with systems running ZFD Agent 6.5 SP2 and 7 SP1 on
XP SP2. Novell Client 4.91 SP2.

This also happens on Windows 98 machines running ZFD 6.5 SP2, NWC 3.40.
On these computers I get:
NALAGENT caused an invalid page fault in

I've run debug and found a Critical error and a few warnings:
CRIT 14:11:24.546 USER 0xd5c 0xca4 NS UI Thread Engine
disconnected. Attempting to reconnect...
HRESULT 0x800706BA The RPC server is unavailable.
WARN, 08:24:34.312, WORKSTATION, 0xbf0, 0x328,
NWAPPFreeGetObjectAttributes, Could NOT close file
WARN, 08:25:45.515, USER, 0xf64, 0xf54, NalShell, NalShell UI thread
was not started because it wasn't loaded by an allowed process

Any help would be appreciated.