I am trying to install SPSS14.0 followed by SPSS14.02. I've created two msi
application objects and set them to be Force Run, Workstation associated.
The second object shouldn't run unless the first has done so.

My problem is that if I set an icon order (e.g. 1121) on the first
installation then only occasionally do the installs take place. If I take
the icon order off, then the installations seem to take place (checked on a
couple of Pcs only) after one or two reboots.

I need the icon order because when imaging a large number of PCs I want to
prevent various instances of the windows installer fighting with one

Have I misunderstood the use of Force Run with Icon order, or am I possibly
just being too impatient?

Colette Monaghan
University of Hertfordhsire