I have two questions.

I am currently testing the deployment of Office 2003 and have used the
Office 2003 Resource Kit to create an OPS file with all my
preconfigured settings. During the MST creation, I selected "Get values
from an existing settings profile" & browsed to the OPS file I had
previously created (Step 9 - "Customize Default Application Settings").

When finished, I used ConsoleOne to create the APO (Application Object)
using the STD11.msi & I added the MST under the MSI > Transforms tab. I
noticed two things after I installed Office 2003 Standard using the
APO from the NAL (Novell Application Launcher).

1. My Profile settings contained in the OPS file were not applied.
2. Outlook did not install.

Obviously most of you running NetWare servers would not want to install
Outlook as you would be using GroupWise. However we are testing the
Outlook Connector with the GroupWise 7 backend (management decision),
so I need Outlook to install. Note, this only occurred when I was
installing over the top of an Office 2000 installation that did not
have Outlook installed. If I uninstalled the older version prior then
ran the APO, Outlook would install successfully.

Can anyone tell me how to overcome these two issues?

Daniel Evans