ZfD 7.00 SP1 on OES Linux with all patches. Trying to use MS SQL server
instead of Sybase using the TID at

We used this doc to setup the XML Target Policy and we enabled XML
Reporting on a test app.

We edited the file

We changed all of the parameters properly as far as we can tell.

We also copied the thee ms sql server driver .jar files into both

We can import data from that database using Excel. We stuck garbage
into the T_SUCCESS table to make sure Excel is able to see data.

We can go to http://<oesservername>:8180/zfdamrServlet/run we get:
zfdamrServlet is running

Our MS SQL admin enabled tracing on the SQL server. He saw my attempts
to query the database, but he didn't see any attempts to write to the
database when I clicked the ZEN App with XML Reporting enabled.

Jeremy Mlazovsky
Senior System Engineer - Enterprise Desktop
UDit-Central Hardware Systems & Network Storage
University of Dayton