We are running Netware 6.5 SP5 and Zenworks 7 SP1. The workstations are
setup with hivecleaner, and the profile is deleted from the machine and
stored to the Roaming Profiles directory on logout. Everything works OK
with exception of the Microsoft Speech Profile. The user trains and tests
their voice profile. It works correctly until they log out and log back in.
When they log back in the speech profile is unresponsive and does not work
properly. No voice commands will work, etc. You can however create another
profile and it will work until logged out again. When you log back in
neither of the profiles created will work. It's very odd. The voice profile
is copying back to the C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application
Data\Microsoft\Speech\Files\UserLexicons OK. We have even tried the
microsoft speech profile import/export utility with no luck. After backing
up a freshly working profile, logging out, logging back in, and then trying
to import it gives an extremely long registry error. We would rather not
have to use the IMPORT/EXPORT utility since they are using roaming
profiles. Thanks for any help.