I erroneously installed the 7.0.0 ZfDAgent to all our Workstations, the
servers are all running ZfD 7.0.1.
When I tried to push the 7.0.1 ZfDAgent using Console1 the PCs
installed but crash with some sort of bluescreen after Logging in to
Novell (Workstation only works fine).
I could uninstall the Client using local login, rebooting, then
installing the new one, but I would really like to avoid doing this
manually on approx. 200 PCs.

Did anyone experience the same Problems?

We use:
- Windows XP SP, most current patch level,
- Novell Client 4.91SP2
- Symantec 10.2.400,
- Novell Netware 6.5 SP5 on the servers,
- Dell PCs (mostly GX280 and GX620).