Since upgrading to ZENworks for Desktops 7, I have been unable to
distribute MSI applications. I always seem to have an error 1612 when
the application tries to distribute. I believe that this error usually
means that the path to the installation files cannot be found, usually
because of a file rights issue, but that doesn't seem to be the case here.

I distribute most applications by associating them to workstations or
workstations in a container, though I have the same 1612 error if I do
associate by user. I have the same problem whether the Distribute in
Workstation Security Space if Workstation Associated option is enabled
or disabled.

I typically use the File Rights screen under the Common tab to assign
rights to the distribution files directory, so I know that the
workstation object has rights to the files. Just to test this, I
created an app object to run an Explorer window as an unsecured system
user and made sure that I could browse to the distribution directory as
the System account.

I am currently running ZENworks 7 SP1 on a NetWare 6.5 SP5 server. All
workstations are running Windows XP Pro SP2.

As an experiment, I tried working around the problem by creating a
simple application object and running an MSI installation by calling
msiexec from a predistribution script as follows:

%WINDIR%\System32\msiexec.exe /i "\\GRYPHON\DISTRIBUTION\West Point
Bridge Designer 2004\West Point Bridge Designer 2004.msi" /qn

Installing this way seems to work fine.

Any ideas what is going wrong?

Cory Calvert
District Network Administrator
Waterloo School District