Hi, everyone.

I have an interesting situation:

Manager Bob is a member of a group A that has an app assigned to it -
not that it matters, but the app is a simple shortcut icon.

Group A's members consist of Bob and the groups of employees that report
to Bob - let's call them groups B, C, and D.

Yes, nested groups, not containers. This is an MS environment. My head
is hanging in shame.

I assign an app to group A. Bob can see it just fine. The members of
groups B, C, and D can't.

When I ran across this problem yesterday, I visited some desktops to
troubleshoot. Using the "press F2 while clicking More in About" trick,
I verified that the app was not showing up as an assigned app.

Troubled, I verified everything I could think of. I removed and
re-assigned the app (which seemed to do nothing), then ran dsrepair on
the server (which fixed 19 errors: mostly invalid time stamps and a few
invalid references to objects that did not pertain to the issue at hand.

After dsrepair finished (the second run showed no errors), the app's
icon started showing up on the workstations.

Today, I have the same basic issue with groups belonging to two other
managers, and an uneasy feeling about the whole thing.

This raises two questions:

- Does zenworks work the way I'm presuming it does? In other words,
does it "walk upstream" when checking group memberships?

- Most disturbing: one of the users that wasn't working yesterday WAS
WORKING the day before - he was getting the icon for the app. What

Thanks for any help.