Hi everybody,

as it is not possible to associate different user policies with one object
on one tree-level we have configured it the following way:

First our tree:


- Standard-Group Policy associated with all the departments
- People with different Group Policies are members of Groups that have a
different Policy associated
- Standard Dynamic Local User Policy associated with Market1 and Market2
- Special Admin Users are in a Group and this Group is associated with the
Admin Dynamic Local User Policy

Now here's the problem:
The Standard Dynamic Local User Policy does NOT work with
users.Department1.Market_2_ but without problems in
It only works if I associate users directly with the Dynamc Local User
In both cases C1 tells me that the effective policy is the Standard
Dynamic Local User Policy (as it should be!) but it only works in the
second case.

We have more markets and I can not understand why some things work in one
market and do not in anothers.

Can anybody give me an exact explenation how I need to configure
associations, what type of policies i can associate directly with the
tree, OUs , sub-OUs, groups or users?

I know this is a hard task, but I would really appreciate it!
Thanks in advance,