I'm trying to include the MyApps.html in the intranet, ( on the personal
pages of our users).

The intranet is based on a CMS.

I have tweaked the MyApps.html ( and the AxNalView.js ) to only display the
applications .. so no banners/treeview/etc.

When i include the MyApps.html in an IFrame on the page(either the one on
the XTier Server, or the Local version) the page gets refreshed to
<URL>/PageData.html .. and that is not present in the CMS, so i get a nice
page not found error.

Local workstation :
- When i include Pagedata.html directly the IFrame stays empty ?
Terminal Server :
- the page works as designed, and my apps show up.

Question 1 :
I have searched the source of MyApps.html for any kind of redirect to
PageData.html, but can't find any...

So where is the redirect coming from ?

Question 2 :
If Pagedata.html works included in the intranet site on TS, why not on a
workstation ?
Why not directly on a workstation.

Question 3 :
If MyApps.html needs to be addressed first (because it checks availability
of the components) can i combine the 2 pages ? so it does not have to be
redirected ?

Hope some1 can shed some light on this matter.