We are using Zenworks 7 Sp1, on Windows XP Sp2 clients(no firewall),
Novell client 4.91 SP2. Servers are Netware 6.5 SP5.

we have some machines at remote sites that suddenly start to report an
error when accessing an application object through Nal (we use nalwin32 -
application launcher window). The machines have logged in fine, been
working for a while then a user will go to run another application object
icon and receive
"Unable to get attributes for (application name) error -601"

The machines have not lost network connectivity - all drives are still
mapped and you can run the application manually - it seems like an
edirectory thing. I have checked when this error occurs and the DS is
all synced up and I cannot see anything obvious that may be causing this.

Restarting and logging back in clears the problem but it has been
cropping up on quite a few machines at random periods of the day.

We have one ZEN partition shared between sites - there is a replica of
this at each site. This has worked great for us for the last few years,
this problem has just started to appear in the last couple of weeks.
Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar as after
checking obvious stuff it's so random it's hard to troubleshoot!

Will keep at it but would appreciate any help.