Is there a way to pause an application until something else is finished?

I have an Application object that runs the GroupWise install “client\Win32
\setup.exe setup.cfg” and it installs the GroupWise client fine. Setup.cfg
puts in the IP address and port number of the Post office I intend a
client to use and it installs the features and integration’s I want. I
have another Application object that creates a GroupWise Icon with a
target file of “C:\Novell\GroupWise\GrpWise.exe” this in the parameters
field /@u-? so that the target field in the icon looks like
this “C:\Novell\GroupWise\GrpWise.exe /@u-?”.

The problem is the GroupWise install over writes the Icon built by the
application when run together and I’ve even tried making the Icon builder
a dependency of the GroupWise client installer. Is there anyway to do both
at the same time? Does anyone know how to Install the GroupWise client and
get /@u-? on the target field at install of the GroupWise client if not
with Zenworks? It would be good to know if a line could be added to the
setup.cfg file.