Greetings, using zen7.1 and for months, we've been pushing out 4.91SP2 to
our users using a zen app that merely runs setupnw /u to run the setup
with an unattend.txt and forcing a reboot. Now we wish to add in patchkit
C + the two patches that came after it. so we rolled Patchkit C, nwfs4,
login4 patches and rolled them into one consolidated patch which is ran
through an app object which triggers the inf installation of the patch. I
took the 4.91sp2 app object, took the force reboot out of the unattend.txt
and told the client app abject to NEVER reboot. I also went into the patch
app object and made the client a dependency object with reboot wait enabled.

The goal being to have so if we run across a user that hasn't had 4.91SP2
installed, the client runs, then the patch, THEN a reboot. If they
already have the client, then just the patch runs and then a reboot.

The problem is that regardless of how I set it, when I run the patch app
object, it successfully starts the dependent client object, but at the end,
it reboots and I have to run the patch object a 2nd time. I want to get it
all done in one reboot, not two. I know I can overlay the patch into the
client files, but I don't want to re-push the client out if all they need
is just the patch.

something is still telling the machine reboot after the client finishes its
install. I thought I had it figured it out when I realized the
unattend.txt had a force reboot and I went in and changed the unattend.txt
to do "Neither" a reboot, nor ask.

Thanks in advance