I have set up Rogue Process Management to 'Allow all Processes' but block
those in my exception list. It works quite well!
My list contains setup.exe as well as a bunch of other standard setup
What I would like to do is be able to leave the process managment setup as
is, but retain the ability to push out an application to a user without it
being blocked, even though the user is logged in.
I was hoping that pointing the NAL object to the setup.exe, and running it
via NAL would allow the install.
As a shot in the dark I set the pre-distribution process termination to
attempt to shut down nalagent.exe - but it understandably won't allow it.
I also tried 'distribute in workstation security space if workstation
associated' hoping to bypass the restriction that is saved in the
HKEY_CURRENT_USER key, but this didn't help either.
Is there a way that I can create a simple NAL object calling a setup.exe
that bypasses the restriction as set in the users process management
exception list?