Right reletive new to zen, just busy rolloing out......so for a start at
least i want the zpm agent be installed on all worktsations, so i opt for
the msi becuse here i can do a silent install preconfigure the Host and
Serial number in die app object...right.....BUT when it it should install,
The asso, caching all is fine, when starting to distribute the app i get
the following error, (the MSI is the one downloaded from our ZPM server...)

Error writing Reg Entries: Error 1150 (0x0000047e): The program requieres a
newier version of Windows.

Now here is what i tried and checked.
a: if i run the .msi directly not delivered via NAL is runs with no errros
b: Nothing in distribution rules.
c: Tried the run as Secure system user and unsecure sytem user in
environment settings.

The error looks to my like a registry setting cant be updates right...so is
thier a setting were i can run this app install with admin rights seeing
that the environment settings (secure unsecure user) are not doing the
trick?..I am sure there must be a setting like this..

And yes we are using dlu, giving the users only user access to the pc's, pc
in question is a winxp sp2 pc..