To add to the various queries on this topic! Does anyone know what happens
with Force Run, Wait on Icon Order when some applications are associated
with a setup user and others with workstation containers?

As I mentioned briefly in an earlier post, we use a variety of ways to get
applications down to our workstations:
a). via the vbs scripts used with the ENGL post imaging process
b). via installation objects associated with an admin setup user
c). via installation objects associated with workstation containers.

Ideally we'd like those associated with our admin setup user to run first
before any workstation associated installations start.

I am not clear if the numerical order should take precedence regardless of
whether the object is user or workstation associated, or if one type of
association is 'preferred'.

We are also not sure if Windows Updates, set to automatically download and
install, are fighting with some of our application installations. Is anyone
able to clarify these issues for us?

Colette Monaghan
University of Hertfordshire