Hi there,

We are running ZEN 7.0 and are currently testing the ZfDAgent 7.0.1. It has some fixes we need, but it also breaks the way we log into the Citrix servers.

According to TID 10100185 the users context isn't passed to the Citrix server when a user logs on. And in ZfDAgent 7.0.1 it does. Our Citrix servers don't have a Novell client, because it run's a database applicationand a Novell Client isn't supported by the vendor. When we log into the Citrix server the username field is filled with the UserDN from the Novell Client. Is there a way to get the ZfDAgent 7.0.1 fill in the username only?

Any help appreciated!

Kind regards,

Alex Peeters
Helicon Opleidingen - The Netherlands