PC used to have ZEN 6.5.1 agent. A while ago, got upgraded to 7.0.1

User has problems with application repeatedly deploying itself (but the
system requirements should keep that from happening).

Windows XP SP2.

I look at her C:\Nalcache folder and it's got stuff that hasn't been
associated to her in months.

(The app that keeps redploying itself wasn't seeing the system
requirements, even though the NAL had been refreshed repeatedly).

I whacked the C:\Nalcache folder, refreshed the NAL.

Now it only shows like 8 apps (instead of the 23 it showed before) and
the app stopped redploying.

Sooo, what happens when an app was NOT marked as Disconnectable (but it
was Force Run at one time) and the app is deleted in eDir?

What if the app is still there, but no longer associated to the user?

It seems that the NALCACHE doesn't always "refresh" itself and remove
the old stuff.

I don't think the problem is 7.0.1 agent as I've seen this on Windows
2000 with 6.5.1 as well.

I'm also not thinking a corrupt app object because some of the items are
new (ie, a few weeks old).