I need to run a program on workstations once the screen saver starts.

I haven't seen any way of doing this with an application object, but I could
run the program using a "Scheduled Action Policy" in a "User Package" or
"Workstation Package" which allows you to have a Scheduled Event = Screen
Saver. The problem with doing it this way is that I don't get an entry in
our NAL.DB, which is necessary for this to work.

ie. with application objects, I can go to the Common tab, Reporting and
select "Launch Success" to get a record of the execution in the NAL.DB.

Based on my understanding, I have two questions:

1) Is there a manual way of sending data to NAL.DB ? If yes, I could make
the program executed as a "Scheduled Action Policy" run this manual method
to update the db.
2) Please teach me how to make an Application Object that will run when the
Screen Saver starts.

Thanks for any answer,