My apologies if this has been answer before - I searched but could not find an answer.

We have a WoL policy running that wakes all computers up on Friday mornings to run inventory before the users arrive for work. We have recently upgraded to ZfD 7.0.1 and need to distribute the agent to the workstations. If an application is workstation-associated, can it install without the user ever logging in?

Here is my plan:

1. Create an app to cache ZfDAgent.msi on all the computers after users login.
2. Create a second app and assign to all the workstation objects. This app will install the MSI from the cached copy. App is scheduled to run on the WoL day.
3. Computers wake-up automatically, and install the agent before users arrive for work.

Will this work? Or does App Explorer have to be running for workstation-assigned apps to install also? If this won't work, does anyone have a suggestion for acheiving this objective?