I have recently joined a college where they use Netware 6.5. They have
recently upgraded to Zenworks 7 and I have been given the task of learning
how to use it. Their netware administrator used to install software and
manage policies but he has since retired and left no documentation. I am
managing to get by if the software has an MSI or can be run from a network
server. I am struggling with snapshots and have experienced some strange
things when deploying software using this method. I have never used
Netware before either and think it is an awesome but complex OS.

I have trawled the web and hardly any companies in the UK are interested
in running Zen courses as the demand is low. Those that do want crazy
prices. Ideally, I would love to visit a college/site for a day or 2 where
somebody could show me how to use Zen 7 properly. I have got some funding
left to pay but it is not a huge amount.