This is a very recent development... application objects are frequently
not displaying for students - occassionally they do. No errors presented
to the user an no objects cached to the workstation. From my testing,
the behaviour does not appear to be tied to a specific user, machine or

We have two containers for storing user objects - one for staff/faculty
and one for students. Application objects are generally assigned to one
or both of those containers and are configured to display in both
"Application Explorer" and the "Start Menu"... a few are force run. Not
much if anything in the way of workstation associated apps. Workstations
are running XPP SP2, Novell Client 4.91 SP2 and ZfD Agent. Workstations
are registered and i've already unregistered/deleted workstation
object/registered - same behaviour.

I've enabled debug logging for ZENworks and i'm working through that,
but nothing is jumping out at me. Considering how verbose the logs are I
actually find it difficult to identify something that is amiss.

Admins are checking for any oddities in the directory now...

Thoughts or general pointers would be appreciated.