Hello NG

In our environment we work with a pure Windows Server 2003 Zenworks
environment. We have a file server and a zenserver.

On the fileserver i saved different cmd files that execute the installation
of printers. Here an expample:
The File is stored on Server1 with the name P_Info.cmd
rundll32 printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /ga /c\\%computername% /n

In zenworks I created an application object and associated this object
"P_info.cmd" with a workstation to run with "force run" and cache.
In the folder where the file is stored, I set permission to all active
directory workstations through an workstation group. Domain Users does also
have rights to this folder

Now when I restart the workstation, the application object is shown in NAL,
but no force run is made. When I doubleclick the application, then it will
run. Normally also the workstation should run the application. Why doesn`t
it work also when the computer is associated to the application object?

Thanks in advance for your help

Ramon Lustrati