Hello all,

I know this is probably not the place for this, only I do not know where else to turn. I am truly hoping that someone has some insight to either help us get going or knows how to contact Craig Wilson or know of another way to do this.

About a month ago, yes, a month, we purchased the IT HOW TO suite. We needed to make app run as an administrator on the local workstation along with giving that application/user rights (mapped drive) to the server. If we simply do "unsecure system user" the application runs but can not reach any network resources. ZWDyanuser is suppose to do this for us.

We can not get the software working to save our lives, or our jobs!

I have made repeated attempts to contact Craig via email and this forum. At first I was concerned that there was a problem; as if he is sick or injured. He did contact us to say he would be contacting us shortly. Now, I am just feeling a blow-off. Our supervisors are calling for a refund because the software does not work, nor can we find anyone to help us with it. This is the first really bad software experience I have had working with products recommenced in the forums.

Being that is was touted highly by a few people in this and other forum, other people must be using it. HOW? All we get are errors. Nothing launches properly.

I really have a hard time believing that others have not come across the issue of needing an application to run as "Administrator" while having network rights (and users being only "users". How do others get around this?

If anyone knows how to get a hold of Craig, give him a kick in the pants for us and let him know that we want a refund for the POS!

Sincerely ticked,