We have been using Norman Virus Controll for several years now, but are
required to change to F-secure. To ease the work, im planing to use Zen7

To uninstall Norman, we have to execute delnvc5.exe on every PC that hold
Then i have created an NAL object for f-secure MSI-file.

First i try to use Pre-run-script in f-secure-object. This work as long
the PC have Norman installed. If not NAL will exit with an error-msg, and
f-secure doest install.
Then i try to put delnvc5.exe in Post-distr-script, but since delnvc5.exe
need users to click "Remove" and then "Finish", then we risk that some
user doesnt do this with result that the PC have both Norman and F-secure
installed and running after next reboot.

Then i was thinking to use more advaced scriptcode so it check if one file
exist and then if it exist it run delnvc5.exe
Well IF EXIST doesnt work in this script, so i cant use it. This is a

Then i make one uninstall.bat that contain this codes. Then i launch this
bat-file from Pre-Dist-Script. It didnt work eighter!

Now i make two NAL Object. One Uninstall Norman that have disktrib-rule
and have F-secure NAL that is depended to the first NAL object.
My ide is to use Force Run on F-secure NAL, that automatic launch
Uninstall Norman NAL. Norman NAL check if one file exist and if it does,
then it launch Delnvc5.exe
If not it close and F-secure NAL start installing the MSI-file.

How can i do this? I cant make it work!

Use Zen7 SP1 on NW6.5

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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