Hi all,

I've been locking down the student workstations (this is a school) by
giving them only the NAL as shell. Students logged in as DLU
("student")with administrator rights. This was fine until some found
ways to run/install other programs - so I changed the local rights to
user, and set up rogue app. management as per the Zen docs. This has
caused three problems.

1. Rogue app. manager keeps shutting down wuauclt, the MS ws updater.
Should it ignore it? Is this correct behaviour? What is a quick fix?

2. Giving students DLU user rights has caused problems with at least one
app, WordPerfect 8 (don't laugh, our school has a license for all
students, and it worked fine with the DLU in the administrator setup).
Am I asking for trouble giving back administrator group rights to the
student DLU now that I have rogue app. management running? I am asking
for advice here.

3. When teachers logged in, I used the system login script to switch the
shell to explorer, or if a student to switch the shell to nal. This
worked perfectly if the DLU has administrator rights. Is there any way
to run something in a login script with administrator priviledges even
if the user doesn't?