First off, hello, and thank you to anyone who can help me as I do not
know where else to turn. I am a Graphic Designer for a Healthcare
organization who uses (I'm not sure that this is 100% accurate) Novell
Client for Windows 2000/XP version 4.91 SP2, Zenworks for desktops 4
Version and Sopho Anti-Virus. I am currently running Adobe CS2
applications on this network and I am experiencing tons of problems. Our
IT department says that they do not understand what I do and therefore do
not know how to help me. The CPU that I am using is powerful enough to
handle the type of applications and I have a new CPU on order which will
be more than enough to handle these apps with ease. This leads me to
believe that I have a problem with how the apps run within the network
environment. I do not have administrative rights locally or otherwise and
was told that there is no way to grant these rights on a local CPU level
without creating a security issue regarding Patient Safety, Viruses from
downloads or software installs and spyware. My applications run so poorly
that I often have to wait 15-20 seconds just to get a menu to pop up. I
have constant application crashes, unknown errors, reference to
insufficient memory (I have 2.5 gigs RAM locally) etc., etc. I have been
told that this could possibly be caused by the lack of special
permissions to application specific items. Since I am having a new
computer installed I would like to be able to configure the computer to
run these applications effeciently within the network environment. I did,
at one point, have local admin rights and did not seem to experience
these problems. This I have been told was illegal within my organization
and will never be granted again as there is no safe way to give an end-
user local administrative rights. I am begging anyone who can help me
with a soution, ideas, configurations or at this point just some kind
words to help me. I have never been so frustrated in all of my life and I
don't know how to get help!

Thank you,