Hello all i hope you can help, i have also logged this with Sophos Support.

I am a ZEN 7.0 user and am finding my feet on the application rollout
side of things. We are required to upgrade from sophos 4 as support runs
out in feb 2007 so we aim to move to version 6.5.

has anyone done his so far, as my problem is that i cant script the
install as our users rights in windows are that of user. If we elevate
them to admins they get full admin controll of sophos. so no go there.

I have tried to install from the 3 separate MSI files and come across
some issues (support call open with Sophos at the moment)

I suppose my question is, has anyone else managed to roll this out with

I think snappshot would be unwise due to the changes to user rights etc
inside windows 2000 and xp but i may be wrong.