We have moved to using msi installers as generally recommended but have a
number of issues with distribution.
1. We were experiencing lots of msi clashes so invested time in making our
apps Wait on Force Run using Icon order (WoFRIO). This has been tried both
user and workstation associated. But we still get msi clashes. Sometimes the
clashing app will install later but hands off distribution is marred by
having to respond to the msi clash message. Is our understanding of WoFRIO
wrong, does it not wait for install completion of each app before moving on?
2. We also have some msi application objects that worked for a while and
happily installed on many workstations but then just stopped working
claiming not to be able to find the msi files although no changes had been
made to the app object or source locations. We made duplicates with the same
settings which distribute ok but whether they will also just stop in the
future, who knows!
Has anyone else had similar experiences, and if so how did you resolve them?
Ann Jackson, Campus Computing Consultant, de Havilland LRC, de Havilland
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, AL10 9EU
Tel: 01707 285749
Email: a.3.jackson@herts.ac.uk