I think I'm going barmy...
I have 2 app objects, both of which run IE - one is for Offline and runs a
local file as Home Page, the other is Online and connects to our corporate
Intranet. I only ever want 1 icon to appear depending on whether the user
is logged into our Novell network or not. Easy, right? Wrong...unless
I'm missing something!

NOT set to Disconnectable so doesn't appear Offline, ever. Perfect.

The Offline object IS set as Disconnectable, and I have also set the Pre-
Install Schedule (to install the app without the user having to click it).

At the moment both icons appear in NAL when on network, one runs local
Home Page, other runs Intranet. OK so far?

If I set the OFFLINE icon to offline only (via Authentication: Local
Workstation Authentication in Availability...Distribution Rules tab), when
logged into the network it doesn't get pre-installed by NAL and therefore
doesn't appear in Disconnected NAL!

So I need to have a way of getting the OFFLINE icon to appear just once on
the network so as to pre-install it ready for offline. The following
nested groups have been setup in the Availability...Distribution Rules tab:

Group 1
File Not Exists: c:\windows\flag.txt
Authentication: Network Authentication
Group 2
Authentication: Local Workstation Authentication

(c:\windows\flag.txt is created via Distribution Options...Text Files).

So basically, when logging into the network 'Group 1' creates
C:\WINDOWS\FLAG.TXT (via Pre-Install Schedule)...at this point there are 2
NAL icons. After reboot/refresh and network login, the OFFLINE icon
disappears because C:\WINDOWS\FLAG.TXT exists, with 1 ONLINE icon in NAL.
If I log out/in Workstation Only, only the OFFLINE icon appears, based on
Group 2 section above.

Stil with me?

Here's the thing. This ONLY works if I have the 'Always Show Icon'
tickbox checked...this means that on the network I have two icons, the
OFFLINE is greyed out (as you would expect). With Workstation Only login,
only the OFFLINE icon shows. Fabulous. But I don't want the greyed icon
when I'm on the network! So if I uncheck 'Always Show Icon' tickbox I
have the 1 single ONLINE icon on the network (brilliant!), but when
Workstation only, I have NEITHER!!!

Weird huh? It does exactly the same on Windows 2000 as XP. PLEASE HELP

PS. Another interesting thing is that the 'Authentication' option in
Distribution Rules ONLY appears if using Groups AND doesn't appear to be
documented anywhere on the Novell site that I can find...

Over to all you geniuses out there! Thanks in advance - C.