I have created an object using an AOT file. When the user clicks on this
it installs the software fine. I have now created another object that
simply points to this program once installed. I have used the 'file exist'
function to determine which object is shown in NAL. This all works fine
apart from one thing....

When a user clicks on the object it installs the software. If they press
F5, NAL refreshes and the 'if exist' kicks in and swaps the install icon
with that of the launch icon. All is well. The problem is trying to get
students/staff to refresh NAL.

I am sure I am doing this incorrectly, is there a better way to do this?
Could NAL be reshed automatically once the install program has finished,
or better still launch the program?

I apologise if this is a dumb question and the answer is obvious - i am a
complete newbie to Zenworks and Netware!

Thanks in advance