I cannot have this feauture working fine.

I have users with roaming profiles going on a network drive.

If some of these users switch off the machine (maybe with a wrong way)
or they make some offline changes, sometimes their local profile will
be inconsistent with the remote one.

The problem is that locally is created a temporary TEMP directory with
a new profile.
The problem I see is that also if they make a logout and a login they
never start to use the official profile but they continue to have a new
TEMP profile created.

THe only way to solve this problem is to enter in the machine as
administrator, rename the Documents_Settings/Name_of_User with a
differnet name and login one more time.

After that the users will receive one more time the profile from
network copy and this will reset the problems. I see this solution
quite unclean and not scalable to many users.

Moreover I have seen that exists one option I can configure in the
policies to force to consider as official profile (in case of
inconsistences) the remote one and I can set also a timeout before take
the remote as reference. The problem I see is that this feature is not
applied (I Think) because I never have the possibility to have a
consistency between the two profiles.

So at the end the roaming profiles are really UNUSABLE.

Obvioulsy I'm using the Not Volatile option...Otherwise the number of
local profiles generated on a machine increases in a unmanageable way.

Any idea?
I cannot beleave noone has encounter this problem..